Why Does My Small Business Needs a Website?

Posted by admin on September 18th, 2012

Improved visibility, public relations, online sales and marketing are the most important reasons to for a small business to design a website. Since visitors judge a company’s professionalism based on the site, website design is important. A poorly designed site can have a negative effect on a company. Some visitors may navigate to a competitor’s site for purchases if they are not impressed. This may hurt a company’s brand image. Businesses may lose sales as a result. For optimal results, companies should have a well-designed site that is accessible and professional.

How Can a Website Help a Small Business?

Websites Are a Part of a Marketing Strategy. Businesses want to maximize the number of people that know about products and services offered. To devise a comprehensive marketing strategy, small business owners must market to people online and offline. Billions of potential customers are on the Internet. Business owners must determine what percentage of the customers are interested in their product or service and develop a marketing campaign to attract visitors. Pay-per-click campaigns and banner advertisements are often used as a part of a marketing strategy. These campaigns display advertisements in search engine margins or on other websites while visitors are surfing. When visitors click on the advertisement, it must be connected to a site. Websites inform customers more about the product or service that they learned about via traditional, online or word-of-mouth advertising. Since 80 percent of Australians search for information online, businesses without a site are at a disadvantage. Websites inform customers about the product or service and entice customers to buy or subscribe. Business owners save time and money because customers are not constantly calling and asking questions. Instead, they can read online first and only call if a concept or price is unclear. Websites Can Act As a Virtual Salesperson. Many people will never interact with a sales person before visiting your company’s site. The content should be written to entice customers to buy products or services. The information should be brief, easy to read and compelling. The call-to-action should encourage the customer to buy or call for more information. Online sales are the easiest and most cost-effective because little investment is required to make the sale.

What are The Physical Components of Website Design?

Layout. Logo placement, menu placement, button placement, color choices, photo placement and font sizes are all components of the layout. The layout should be well-designed, high-quality and visually appealing to attract and keep visitors. A professional-looking site is often an indicator of a professional company. People like conducting business with professional companies because they tend to have better customer service, better policies, better response times and better products and services. The website design should be indicator of the company’s product quality and brand image. Content. Content should be compelling and entice the visitor to buy. The content should also be keyword-rich to attract inbound traffic from search engines. Increased traffic will lead to sales conversions if content is compelling.

Consider Building a Website

A site can capture sales from an untapped audience online. To ensure maximum sales conversions, consider hiring a professional service to assist with site design. Professionals can create impressive layouts, compose compelling content and design a site for traffic generation. Schedule a free consultation to find out how a professional site can improve your business.

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